Leonora Carrington: The Oval Lady: Surreal Stories (1939/1975)

23 October 2013, dusan

“Leonora Carrington, British-born–Mexican Surrealist writer and artist, is the only woman whose work was included in André Breton’s Anthology of Black Humor, first published in 1939. Carrington was then twenty-two years old. The story which he chose, ‘The Debutante’, was written during 1937-38, her first two years in France, where she lived in Paris and then in St-Martin-D’Ardéche with the Surrealist artist Max Ernst. ‘The Debutante’ was one of five stories published in 1939 in her collection, The Oval Lady, along with collages by Ernst. The previous year, another story, ‘The House of Fear’, had been published as a pamphlet with Ernst’s introduction and three illustrations.” (Source).

The present volume contains six of her stories.

First published in French as La Dame Ovale, Ediciones GLM, Paris, 1939
Translated from Spanish by Rochelle Holt
Foreword by Gloria Orenstein
Illustrated by Pablo Weisz
Publisher Capra Press, Santa Barbara, 1975
ISBN 0884960366
52 pages
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The Bestial Fictions of Leonora Carrington (Annette Shandler Levitt, Journal of Modern Literature, 1996)
The Surreal Life (Tobias Carroll, The Paris Review, 2013)

PDF (no OCR)

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  1. psb on January 13, 2017 10:47 pm

    Hi Dusan! You may wish to pull this one into your archive, and top-post: The Hearing Trumpet – Leonora Carrington:


  2. dusan on January 18, 2017 3:11 pm

    Thank you!

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