Ursonate Fanzine, No. 1-2 (2010-2011) [Spanish, MP3]

31 May 2011, dusan


Coordinación: Jose Luis Espejo, Oscar Martín
Reseñas: Miguel Angel Tolosa
100 pages

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Published in public domain, 2010
62 pages

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Ursonate_Fanzine surge con la única pretensión de generar un organo más de expresión, encuentro y reflexión alrededor de la comunidad involucrada en el arte sonoro, el ruido y la escena de netlabels y labels independientes.

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PDF (Nº001, sound compilation Sound of Ebb)
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Edward Larkey (ed.): A Sound Legacy? Music and Politics in East Germany (2000)

31 May 2011, dusan

Collection of papers from a one-day workshop organized by Edward Larkey under the title “A Sound Legacy? Music and Politics in East Germany” at AICGS on December 3, 1999.

The volume brings together practitioners as well as music historians in an effort to reflect upon the development of music culture in preunification East Germany, and to provide a background perspective for aspects of music culture in the postunification period.

Published by American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, 2000
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Series, Volume 8
ISBN 0-941441-53-9
74 pages



Claire Huot: China’s New Cultural Scene: A Handbook of Changes (2000)

30 May 2011, dusan

The Cultural Revolution of China’s Maoist era has come and gone, yet another cultural revolution of a different sort has been sweeping through China in the 1990s. Although recently much interest has been focused on China’s economy, few Westerners are aware of the remarkable transformations occurring in the culture of ordinary people’s daily lives. In China’s New Cultural Scene Claire Huot surveys the wide spectrum of art produced by Chinese musicians, painters, writers, performers, and filmmakers today, portraying an ongoing cultural revolution that has significantly altered life in the People’s Republic.

Western observers who were impressed by the bravery of the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square—and stunned at the harshness of their suppression—will learn from this book how that political movement led to changes in cultural conditions and production. Attending to all the major elements of this vast nation’s high and low culture at the end of a landmark decade, Huot’s discussion ranges from the cinematic works of Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and others to emerging musical forms such as rock, punk, and rap. Other topics include television, theater, and avant-garde art, the new electronic media, and subversive trends in both literature and the visual arts.

With a comprehensive index of artists and works, as well as a glossary of Chinese words, China’s New Cultural Scene will enlighten students of Chinese culture and general readers interested in contemporary Asia.

Publisher Duke University Press, 2000
ISBN 0822324458, 9780822324454
258 pages

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Joel Andreas: Rise of the Red Engineers: The Cultural Revolution and the Origins of China’s New Class (2009)

30 May 2011, dusan

Rise of the Red Engineers explains the tumultuous origins of the class of technocratic officials who rule China today. In a fascinating account, author Joel Andreas chronicles how two mutually hostile groups—the poorly educated peasant revolutionaries who seized power in 1949 and China’s old educated elite—coalesced to form a new dominant class. After dispossessing the country’s propertied classes, Mao and the Communist Party took radical measures to eliminate class distinctions based on education, aggravating antagonisms between the new political and old cultural elites. Ultimately, however, Mao’s attacks on both groups during the Cultural Revolution spurred inter-elite unity, paving the way—after his death—for the consolidation of a new class that combined their political and cultural resources. This story is told through a case study of Tsinghua University, which—as China’s premier school of technology—was at the epicenter of these conflicts and became the party’s preferred training ground for technocrats, including many of China’s current leaders.

Publisher Stanford University Press, 2009
Contemporary issues in Asia and the Pacific series
ISBN 0804760780, 9780804760782
344 pages

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David Toews: The Social Occupations of Modernity: Philosophy and Social Theory in Durkheim, Tarde, Bergson and Deleuze (2001)

30 May 2011, dusan

“This thesis explores the relationship between occupations and the ontology of the social. I begin by drawing a distinction between the messianic and the modern as concentrated in the affective transformation of vocation into occupation. I then, in the Introduction, sketch an ontic-ontological contrast proper to the modern, between modernity, as the collective problematization of social diversity, and the contemporary, as the plural ground of need which provides a source for these problematizations. I argue that this distinction will enable me to shed new light on the occupational as a distinctly modern event.” (from Abstract)

PhD thesis
University of Warwick, Department of Philosophy, August 2001
Supervisors: Peter Wagner, Keith Ansell-Pearson
270 pages

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