Ear | Wave | Event, 1 (2014)

30 August 2014, dusan

Ear │ Wave │ Event is a web publication founded and edited by Bill Dietz and Woody Sullender. Its premiere issue contains essays “theoretically framing problems of sonic thinking and articulation (by Peter Ablinger, Amy Cimini & Woody Sullender, Sean Griffin, Jessica Feldman, G Douglas Barrett & Lindsey Lodhie) along with a battery of alternative genealogies for musical practice and thought offering ways out of what feels more and more like the dead-lock of the “sound” scene (Matt Marble, Marina Rosenfeld, Dima Strakovsky, Sean Griffin, Catherine Christer Hennix, Peter Ablinger).” (from the Introduction)

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Lee Baxandall, Stefan Morawski (eds.): Marx & Engels on Literature and Art: A Selection of Writings (1973)

27 August 2014, dusan

A concise compilation of texts divided into nine sections with a judicious introductory essay by Morawski.

Translations and selections by Lee Baxandall and Stefan Morawski
Introduction by Stefan Morawski
Publisher Telos Press, St. Louis/MI, 1973
ISBN 0914386026
175 pages
via Charles, in the Unlimited Edition

Review: M. L. Raina (Minnesota Review, 1975)
Marxist aesthetics on Monoskop wiki

PDF (5 MB, updated to an OCR’d version via Marcell Mars)

See also Margaret A. Rose’s Marx’s Lost Aesthetic: Karl Marx and the Visual Arts, 1984.

Alma Mahler Werfel: And the Bridge is Love (1958)

27 August 2014, dusan

Alma Maria Mahler Gropius Werfel was a Viennese-born socialite well known in her youth for her beauty and vivacity. She was married, successively, to composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walter Gropius, and novelist Franz Werfel. Musically active from her teens, she was the composer of at least seventeen songs for voice and piano. In later years her salon became an important feature of the artistic scene, first in Vienna, then in Los Angeles. (from Wikipedia)

Written in collaboration with E.B. Ashton
Publisher Harcourt, Bruce and Company, New York
312 pages

Commentary (Samuel Lipman, New Criterion, 1983)

PDF (40 MB, no OCR)