Vladimir Mayakovsky, El Lissitzky: Dlia golosa (1923) [Russian]

18 December 2013, dusan

Dlia golosa [For the Voice], a collection of 13 poems by Mayakovsky, “constructed” by Lissitzky, has long been recognized as one of the finest achievements of Russian avant-garde bookmaking, a tradition in which poets and artists collaborated to create books that attained the status of art objects. By any reckoning, For the Voice is a landmark event in the history of modern graphic design. The book was inspired by the “new optics,” where ideas are given form through printed letters, turning them into pictorial signs, and by “words that are seen and not heard,” as Lissitzky wrote.

Для голоса [Dlia golosa]
Publisher R.S.F.S.R. Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel’stvo, Berlin, 1923
61 pages
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PDF (pages 14-15 are missing)

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