Steve McCaffery, bpNichol (eds.): Sound Poetry: A Catalogue (1978)

18 January 2014, dusan

For the Eleventh International Sound Poetry Festival in Toronto, Canada, October 1978.

With texts and works by Steve McCaffery, Paula Claire, Greta Monach, Charlie Morrow, Jackson Maclow, Bob Cobbing, Bernard Heidsieck, Paul Dutton, Sten Hanson, Henri Chopin, R. Murray Schafer, Owen Sound, Jerome Rothenberg, Michael Gibbs, Raoul Duguay, Steve Ruppenthal, Earle Birney, Lawrence Upton, Dick Higgins, Sean O’Huigin, Ann Southam, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Larry Wendt, bpNichol, Cris Cheek, P.C. Fencott, Ilmar Laaban, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Bill Griffiths and Ake Hodell.

Publisher Underwhich Editions, Toronto, 1978
112 pages
via Juan Angel Italiano

Extra information and resources related to the catalogue (via Danny Snelson, added on 2014-1-20)

McCaffery’s introduction on UbuWeb

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