Simeon Wade: Chez Foucault (1978)

28 February 2015, dusan

An introduction to the work of Michel Foucault prepared by Simeon Wade for students of the Otis Parson Institute of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Wade was a member of the faculty and made Foucault accessible to generations of its students. The handout also contains a 1976 discussion with Foucault, entitled “Dialogue on Power” (pp 4-22). “The copies are cherished beyond measure.” (updated after a correction by Erika Suderburg)

Publisher Circabook, Los Angeles
110 pages
via Stuart Elden’s Progressive Geographies blog (see the page for more information)

PDF (25 MB)
French translation of the interview (in Dits et écrits)

See also Foucault’s bibliography on Monoskop

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