Martin Conrads, Franziska Morlok (eds.): War postdigital besser? (2014) [German/English]

21 December 2015, dusan

“The book War postdigital besser? [Was post-digital better?] originates from a course at the Berlin University of the Arts’ Visual Communication department entitled Postdigital ist besser which was composed around the relationship between the physical and the digital in book making. War postdigital besser? documents the respective works by the around 20 students but also takes a step further by posing this exact question to five selected authors from the fields of media studies and design: Manuel Bürger, Jan Distelmeyer, Nina Franz, Clemens Jahn and Verena Kuni.

The book also contains a foreword by the editors and a transcription of a podium discussion (with Danny Aldred, Kristoffer Gansing, and Siegfried Zielinski) which took place at the opening of an exhibition with the students’ works at the Berlin University of the Arts’ designtransfer gallery in April 2013.

Printed versions of the book contain a used 3,5-inch disk with unknown content. Those disks are also the main (and only) cover design of the book.”

Publisher Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2014
ISBN 3957630045, 9783957630049
144 pages
Out of print

Interview with editors (Silvio Lorusso, P-DPA, 2014)


PDF (11 MB)

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