MaHKUzine: Journal of Artistic Research, 1-10 (2006-2011)

25 December 2010, dusan

MaHKUzine is an international publication in both hard copy and website form. The journal embarks on a topical discourse in artistic research implying visual art, editorial design, fashion design, interior design, and public space design. The magazine offers symposia reports, articles by guest lecturers, staff and research reports.

Editorial board: Henk Slager (General Editor), Annette W. Balkema, Arjen Mulder
Publisher: Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design


MaHKUzine#1 Is the medium still the message?, summer 2006, PDF
MaHKUzine#2 Critical Methodologies, winter 2007, PDF
MaHKUzine#3 Design Solutions, summer 2007, Issuu
MaHKUzine#4 The Politics of Design, winter 2008, Issuu
MaHKUzine#5 A Certain MA-ness, summer 2008, Issuu
MaHKUzine#6 Spatial Practices, winter 2009, Issuu
MaHKUzine#7 Nameless Science, summer 2009, PDF
MaHKUzine#8 Epistemic Encounters, winter 2010, PDF
MaHKUzine#9 Doing Dissemination, summer 2010, PDF
MaHKUzine#10, winter 2011, Issuu

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  1. Framji on August 1, 2018 3:25 pm

    Hi Dusan, another busted link. Help please?

  2. dusan on August 1, 2018 3:51 pm


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