Sher Doruff: Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: A Novelty (2017)

26 July 2018, dusan

Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: A Novelty is the first in a series of novellas emerging from a writing practice that taps the cusp of consciousness between dreaming and waking. A storyline, or genealogy, tinted a shade of RGB blue, is fashioned by thinking through the felt unthought of this between space. A fabulation, an anarchive of what passes through. Lucid dreaming of this type is rife with allusions to conceptual and material goings-on, manifesting in awkward imaginaries. The dream personas are rendered as complex character amalgams with nomadic ages, sexes, genders and phenotypes. Occurrences of lived ‘fact’ elide with a hallucinatory real as speculation.

In A Novelty, Bette B, an ageing quasi-academic artist researcher, and BØB, attuned urban rodent, are palindromic variants of a generic cast of Betty’s and Bob’s. The happenstance of their meeting on the super slick POMOC affects a trans-special contagion. These are the fact of the matter. The matters that come to concern both B’s are more slippery and elusive.”

Publisher Open Humanities Press, London, 2017
Immediations series
Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License
ISBN 1785420461, 9781785420467
136 pages



See also the second novella in the series, Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: An Adventure, 3Ecologies/Punctum Books, 2018 (13 MB, added on 2018-12-22).

Jonas Staal: Propaganda Art from the 20th to the 21st Century (2018)

26 July 2018, dusan

“This study by artist Jonas Staal explores the development of propaganda art from the 20th to the 21st century. Staal defines propaganda as the performance of power by means of the equation propaganda = power + performance. Through his work as a propaganda researcher and practice as a propaganda artist, he argues that different structures of power generate different forms of propaganda and therefore different forms of propaganda art. Whereas in the context of the 20th century Staal discusses the differences between avant-garde, totalitarian, and modernist propaganda art, in the 21st century he proposes the categories of War on Terror Propaganda Art, Popular Propaganda Art, and Stateless Propaganda Art. By means of concrete examples of artists and artworks within each of these categories, he attempts to show how the performance of power in the 21st century translates into different visual forms, and how they shape and direct our reality. Staal’s study shows that power and art exist in continuous interaction. Propaganda and propaganda art are not terms that only refer to the past, but concepts and practices through which we can understand the construction of reality in the present.”

PhD Dissertation, Faculty of Humanities, University of Leiden
Open access
425 pages


Video (12 min)

Scores (2010–)

29 December 2016, dusan

“With its own publication – Scores – the Tanzquartier Wien is continuing its artistic-theoretical program in another, independent medium. Scores takes artistic research one step further and opens a performative space within the discursive one – in order to facilitate the sustainability of the discourse practised in the house and to serve as an invitation to dialogue.”

Editors (Issue 4): Arno Böhler, Walter Heun, Krassimira Kruschkova, Lejla Mehanović, Sandra Noeth
Publisher Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna
Open access


Issue 0, The Skin of Movement: PDF, PDF (2010)
Issue 1, Touché: PDF, PDF (2011)
Issue 2, What Escapes: PDF, PDF (2012)
Issue 3, Uneasy Going: PDF, PDF (2013)
Issue 4, On Addressing: PDF, PDF (2014)
Issue 5, Intact Bodies / Under Protest: PDF, PDF (2016, added on 2017-3-22)
Issue 6, No/Things: PDF, PDF (2017, added on 2017-3-22)