ARPA Journal, 4: Instruments of Service (2016)

21 July 2016, dusan

ARPA Journal is a biannual digital publication that serves as a public forum for debate on applied research practices in architecture.

This issue questions the status of the instrument and of service. The articles explore spaces of encounter between “tangible and intangible creative work” in design practice, business models, new forms of representation and activism.

With contributions by Denise Scott Brown, Orit Halpern, Curt Gambetta, Alan Smart, Annabel Wharton, Francesca Hughes, Magdalena Miłosz, Filip, Wendy W Fok, J. Meejin Yoon and Eric Howeler, Michelle Fornabai, Ryan John King and Ekaterina Zavyalova, Lori Brown, Mustafa Faruki, Behnaz Farahi, Anab Jain, Jonathan Sun and Carlo Ratti, McLain Clutter, and Rafi Segal.

Guest Editor: Jennifer W. Leung
Based at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York
Published May 2016
Open access


Journal of Research Cultures, 1 (2016)

15 January 2016, dusan

“JRC is a platform for the communication and presentation of strategies of experimental, transdisciplinary and artistic research practices across epistemic cultures. It provides a forum for these epistemic cultures to interconnect and encourages comparative investigations by focusing on strategies rather than outcome of research activities. JRC deliberately emphasises the explorative nature of contemporary research with technology-supported methods and artistic- and practice-based approaches. It extends the philosophy of openness with the intention to be accessible to a broad audience both within the academic framework and outside.”

With contributions from Gerald Nestler, Armin Medosch, Josh Harle, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Margarete Jahrmann, Rosemary Lee, Shintaro Miyazaki, and Tavi Meraud.

Edited by Andrew Newman, Matthias Tarasiewicz, and Sophie-Carolin Wagner
Publisher Research Institute for Arts and Technology, Vienna, 2016
Creative Commons BY 3.0 License
ISSN 2411-3751


In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub (2015) [EN, IT, BR-PT, SK, ES, DE, FR, BG, RO, SC, UA, RU, HI, CN, HU, BE, LT, SL]

1 December 2015, dusan

Sharing knowledge is now an act of civil disobedience.

Released 30 Nov 2015

In solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub (English,, 30 Nov 2015). Copy. TXT version.
In solidarietà con Library Genesis e Sci-Hub (Italian, trans. Rete della Conoscenza, 1 Dec). Copy.
Em solidariedade com Library Genesis e Sci-Hub (Brazilian Portuguese, trans. Dimas Gomez, 1 Dec). Copy.
V solidarite s Library Genesis a Sci-Hub (Slovak, trans. Monoskop, 1 Dec). Copy.
En solidaridad con Library Genesis y Sci-Hub (Spanish [MX], trans. Rafael Mondragón, 2 Dec). Copy, Audio (voices: Adriana & Iván, 8 Dec).
En solidaridad con Library Genesis y Sci-Hub (Spanish [PE], trans. Giancarlo Sandoval, 2 Dec)
Solidaridad con Library Genesis y Sci-Hub (Spanish [PE], trans. Carlos Maza, 2 Dec)
In Solidarität mit Library Genesis und Sci-Hub (German, trans. Paul Feigelfeld, 2 Dec)
En solidarité avec Library Genesis et Sci-Hub (French, trans. Bertrand Marilier, 2 Dec)
В солидарност с Library Genesis и Sci-Hub (Bulgarian, trans. Neda Genova, 2 Dec). Copy.
Solidari cu Library Genesis şi cu Sci-Hub (Romanian, trans. SorinDănuţ, 2 Dec)
Za slobodan pristup znanju: solidarnost sa portalima Library Genesis i Sci-Hub (Serbo-Croatian, trans. Milica Jovanović/SHARE Foundation, 3 Dec). Copy.
На знак солидарности з ресурсами Library Genesis та Sci-Hub (Ukrainian, trans. Спільне/Commons, 3 Dec). Copy.
В знак солидарности с ресурсами Library Genesis и Sci-Hub (Russian, trans. hwait, Пиратская Церковь, 6 Dec).
लाइब्रेरी-जेनेसिस और साई-हब से संघीभाव में (Hindi, trans. Shveta Sarda, 6 Dec).
声援Library Genesis 和 Sci-Hub (Chinese, trans. Bruce Ding, 7 Dec).
声援 Library Genesis 和 Sci-Hub (simplified Chinese, trans. Yuk Hui).
聲援 Library Genesis 和 Sci-Hub (traditional Chinese, trans. Yuk Hui).
Szolidaritás a Libgen és a Sci-Hub oldalakkal (Hungarian, trans. Ivácson András Áron, 13 Dec).
У знак салідарнасці з Library Genesis i Sci-Hub (Belarusian, trans. Volnaja Dumka, 13 Dec).
Vienijantis su Library Genesis ir Sci-Hub (Lithuanian, trans. Linas Jankauskas, 30 Apr 2016).
V podporo Library Genesis in Sci-Hubu (Slovenian, Humanistična postaja, 31 May 2016)

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