Lev Manovich: Instagram and Contemporary Image (2017)

16 October 2017, dusan

“This in-depth study of Instagram combines methods from art history, media studies, and data science, and draws on computational analysis of 16 million Instagram photos shared in 17 global cities since 2012. The data collection and analysis were performed in Manovich’s Cultural Analytics Lab in the Qualcomm Institute (UCSD Division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology). ”

Self-published September 2017
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License
148 pages


PDF, PDF (13 MB)

Third Text, 120: Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology (2013)

15 May 2015, dusan

“This special issue of Third Text investigates the intersection of art criticism, politico-ecological theory, environmental activism and postcolonial globalization. The focus is on practices and discourses of eco-aesthetics that have emerged in recent years in geopolitical areas as diverse as the Arctic, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Europe and Mexico. The numerous contributors address new aesthetic strategies through which current ecological emergencies – including but not limited to the multifaceted crisis of climate change – have found resonance and creative response in artistic practice and more broadly in visual culture.” (from the Introduction)

With contributions by Christoph Brunner, Roberto Nigro, Gerald Raunig, Jessica L Horton, Janet Catherine Berlo, Jimmie Durham, Subhankar Banerjee, Nabil Ahmed, Berin Golonu, Basil Sunday Nnamdi, Obari Gomba, Frank Ugiomoh, Ursula Biemann, Peter Mörtenböck, Helge Mooshammer, Patrick D Flores, Raqs Media Collective, Luke Skrebowski, Emily Apter, Steven Lam, Gabi Ngcobo, Jack Persekian, Nato Thompson, Anne Sophie Witzke, Liberate Tate, TJ Demos, Eduardo Abaroa and Minerva Cuevas.

Guest editor: TJ Demos
Publisher Third Text, London, January 2013
175 pages


PDF (10 MB)
Online supplement (contains another 6 articles + introduction)

Amodern, 3: Sport and Visual Culture (2014)

10 November 2014, dusan

“Much of our knowledge of and experience with sport comes to us in mediated form. Newspapers, television broadcasts, film, sports magazines and other sports-related media present us with an unceasing flow of visual, textual and oral information related to sport.

The material included here interrogates the visual in sport as it is tied to politics, economics, identity and embodiment and in so doing brings new questions to sport studies, visual culture studies and related fields. The works offer a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives but all problematize the relationship between sport and its images.” (from the Editorial)

With contributions by Jonathan Finn, Richard Gruneau, Robin Veder, Russell Field, Anu Vaittinen, Lianne McTavish and Patrick J. Reed.

Edited by Jonathan Finn
Publisher Concordia University and Lakehead University, October 2014
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

View online (HTML articles)

Eternal September. The Rise of Amateur Culture (2014)

14 October 2014, dusan

Curated by Valentina Tanni, Eternal September. The Rise of Amateur Culture is a group exhibition that explores the relationship between professional art making and the amateur cultural movements through the web.

This catalogue features a curatorial text by Valentina Tanni, together with an interview with artist Matthias Fritsch, the man beyond the Teknoviking meme, an essay by artist group Smetnjak on practicing critical theory in the form of internet memes, visual documentation of Tanni’s ongoing curatorial project The Great Wall of Memes, and a section dedicated to the works of 15 exhibited authors.

Publisher Link Editions, Brescia, with Aksioma, Ljubljana, September 2014
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
ISBN 9781291980608
82 pages


PDF (24 MB)

Umělec/Artist Magazine (1997–) [CZ, EN, DE, ES]

19 August 2013, dusan

“Since its inception Umelec has remained the only international art magazine in English about contemporary visual culture in Central Europe and beyond. Umelec is dedicated to more focused regional or national issues, and always tries to bring to life the current social-cultural situation, including its more marginal aspects. We do not consider culture as a decoration of the state body, but as one of the most important inspiring values of life, even if it is radical or strange.” (from the publisher)

Publisher: Divus (Ivan Mečl), Prague/London/Berlin
Editor-in-chief: Palo Fabuš; formerly: Lenka Lindaurová and Vladan Šír, Jiří Ptáček, Alena Boika
Graphic design: Dita Lamačová; formerly: Dan Vlček, Ondřej Strnad, Jakub Němeček, Ivan Mečl

Issue 1/2012 (English, HTML), also in German, Czech.
Issue 2/2011 (English, HTML), also in German, Czech.
Issue 1/2011 (English, HTML), also in German, Czech.
Other issues (HTML), incl. Special issues: “Austrian” (2009–1, EN/CZ/DE), “Mexican” (2007–2, EN/CZ/DE/ES), “German” (2005–2, EN/CZ/DE), “Swiss” (2006–2, EN/CZ), “French” (2002–1, EN/CZ). The issues from 2005–3 up to 2009–1 were also published in Spanish.

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