Henry Flynt: Down With Art (1968)

8 March 2016, dusan

Henry Flynt‘s early publication (his “Concept Art” essay appeared in An Anthology in 1963 and he contributed to Wolf Vostell’s décollage the year prior) features his “Art or Brend” essay, letters/statements by Terry Riley (#2), Robert Morris (#3, #6), Walter De Maria (#7), Diane Wakoski (#8), Cornelius Cardew (#9) and Ben Vautier (#10), and a press release describing a demonstration undertaken by Flynt, Tony Conrad, Jack Smith and others in front of MoMA on February 27, 1963, followed by Flynt’s lecture the next day (#4).

Publisher Fluxpress, New York, 1968
[12] pages, 10 x 27 cm

PDF (2 MB)

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