Gordon Pask: Heinz von Foerster’s Self Organization, the Progenitor of Conversation and Interaction Theories (1996)

1 July 2009, dusan

“Over more than three decades Heinz von Foerster and I have collaborated and worked together as well as in separate laboratories. This contribution gives a terse account of work which we have done together and which is relevant to Heinz’ prescient notion of self organization and its many arborizations. In the course of doing so it spells out some of the history associated with cybernetics to which both Heinz and I adhere.” (Abstract)

The last paper Gordon Pask wrote before his death in 1996.

Published in Systems Research 13(3), pp. 349-362, 1996

concept, conversation (theory), interaction (of actors theory), observer, P-individual, self-organization, spin

PDF (updated on 2020-4-17)

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