Paul Otlet: Traité de documentation. Le livre sur le livre. Théorie et pratique (1934) [French]

12 June 2012, dusan

“In the 1920s and 1930s, Paul Otlet wrote about radio and television as other forms of conveying information, writing in his 1934 masterpiece Traité de documentation that ‘one after another, marvellous inventions have immensely extended the possibilities of documentation.’ He also predicted that media that would convey feel, taste and smell would also eventually be invented, and that an ideal information-conveyance system should be able to handle all of what he called ‘sense-perception documents’. The book has not been translated into English yet.” (Wikipedia)

Publisher Editiones Mundaneum, Brussels, 1934
431 pages

PDF (196M; scanned by the Ghent University)
Internet Archive (multiple formats)

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