Douglas Kahn: The Aelectrosonic (2011)

4 September 2012, dusan

Kontraste Cahier #1, The Aelectrosonic is published on occasion of the Kontraste festival Imaginary Landscapes (2011). In this richly illustrated book sound historian Douglas Kahn explores the notion of the Aelectrosonic, the electromagnetic analogue of the Aeolian, and locates the roots of electronic music in the 19th century when Thomas Watson listened in to the sounds of the telephone wires.

Kontraste Cahier #1, The Aelectrosonic is the first in what will be a series of small books, each centered around a commissioned essay.”

Edited by Arie Altena & Sonic Acts
Published by Sonic Acts Press
Design by Femke Herregraven
64 pages


PDF, PDF (updated on 2020-8-12)

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  1. Arie on September 4, 2012 8:01 pm

    & check out the next Kontraste festival: 12–14 October 2012 in Krems Austria!

    Nice printed copies of the book still available for 7 euro’s :-)

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