Takis: Magnetic Sculpture (1967)

11 January 2016, dusan

Catalogue for the exhibition held on April, 7-29, 1967, with statements by William Burroughs, Nicolas Calas, Gregory Corso, and Allen Ginsberg.

Publisher Howard Wise Gallery, New York, 1967
[11] pages
via Jed Birmingham of Reality Studio


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Douglas Kahn: Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts (2013)

15 March 2014, dusan

Earth Sound Earth Signal is a study of energies in aesthetics and the arts, from the birth of modern communications in the nineteenth century to the global transmissions of the present day. Douglas Kahn begins by evoking the Aeolian sphere music that Henry David Thoreau heard blowing along telegraph lines and the Aelectrosonic sounds of natural radio that Thomas Watson heard through the first telephone; he then traces the histories of science, media, music, and the arts to the 1960s and beyond. Earth Sound Earth Signal rethinks energy at a global scale, from brainwaves to outer space, through detailed discussions of musicians, artists and scientists such as Alvin Lucier, Edmond Dewan, Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, James Turrell, Robert Barry, Joyce Hinterding, and many others.”

Publisher University of California Press, 2013
ISBN 0520956834, 9780520956834
343 pages

Reviews: Alessandro Ludovico (Neural, 2013), Christopher Haworth (Organised Sound, 2015), Adam Trainer (Continuum, 2015).


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Brian Clegg: Light Years: An Exploration of Mankind’s Enduring Fascination with Light (2001)

25 April 2013, dusan

“This is the story of the greatest puzzle in our universe: what is light? Light Years is an engaging survey of everything we know of the universe’s most enigmatic phenomenon and the remarkable people who have been captivated by it. Light Years looks over the shoulders of the great revolutionaries of light theory–Bacon, Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell and Feynman–and traces the evolution of light-driven devices from the camera to the laser.”

Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2001
ISBN 0471211826
310 pages