Calostro: The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code (1940)

9 February 2013, dusan

“This is the book by Calostro (Ralph W. Read, Ralph Wesley, 1882-1952) on the two person mind reading code. The verbal code act fully explained enabling you to transmit almost anything at all to your assistant. Numerals, letters, birthdates, Zodiac Signs, Lucky Numbers, Common Articles, First Names, Last Names, Coins and Paper Money, Special Tests for wathces, newspapers, books, and letters, Playing Cards, Titles and Professions, Animals and Birds, Sports, Countries and Nationalities, Organizations and Societies, Clubs, Emblems, Metals, and even Pictures and Drawings.” (source)

Publisher Calostro Publications, New Jersey, 1940
44 pages

commentary (Chris Woodyard)
author’s page at Magicpedia


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