Herbert Marcuse: One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society (1964–) [EN, ES, GR, TR, CZ, AL]

25 January 2010, pht

“One of the most important texts of modern times, Herbert Marcuses analysis and image of a one-dimensional man in a one-dimensional society has shaped many young radicals ways of seeing and experiencing life. Published in 1964, it fast became an ideological bible for the emergent New Left. As Douglas Kellner notes in his introduction, Marcuses greatest work was a damning indictment of contemporary Western societies, capitalist and communist. Yet it also expressed the hopes of a radical philosopher that human freedom and happiness could be greatly expanded beyond the regimented thought and behaviour prevalent in the established society. For those who held the reins of power Marcuses call to arms threatened civilization to its very core. For many others, however, it represented a freedom hitherto unimaginable.”

First edition published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1964
Second edition by Routledge, 1991
ISBN 9780415289764
275 pages

One-Dimensional Man (English, 2nd ed., 1964/1991, 11 MB, updated on 2016-12-23)
El Hombre unidimensional (Spanish, trans. Antonio Elorza, 1965/1993, added on 2014-6-7)
Ο μονοδιάστατος άνθρωπος (Greek, trans. Μπάμπης Λυκούδης, 1971, added on 2014-6-7)
Tek-Boyutlu Insan (Turkish, trans. Aziz Yardimli, 1986, HTML, added on 2014-6-7)
Jednorozměrný člověk (Czech, trans. Miroslav Rýdl, 1991, added on 2014-6-11)
Njeriu njëdimensional (Albanian, trans. Gaqo Karakshi, 2006, added on 2014-6-7)

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