Lygia Clark: Lygia Clark (1980) [Portuguese]

8 June 2013, dusan

“Lygia Clark (1920–1988) was an artist best known for her painting and installation work. She was often associated with the Brazilian Constructivist movements of the mid-20th century and the Tropicalia movement. Even with the changes in how she approached her artwork, she did not stray far from her Constructivist roots. Along with artists Amilcar de Castro, Franz Weissmann, Lygia Pape and poet Ferreira Gullar, Clark co-founded the Neo-Concretist art movement.” (Wikipedia)

With texts by Ferreira Gullar, Mário Pedrosa, and Lygia Clark
Publisher Funarto, Rio de Janeiro, 1980
60 pages
via Rafael Amambahy

Download (removed upon request of the Cultural Association “The World Of Lygia Clark”)
The book can be viewed on the website of ISAA Documents (added on 2017-8-17)

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