Thomas Pynchon: Gravity’s Rainbow (1973-) [EN, IT, HU]

28 June 2013, dusan

A few months after the Germans’ secret V-2 rocket bombs begin falling on London, British Intelligence discovers that a map of the city pinpointing the sexual conquests of one Lieutenant Tyrone Slothrop, U.S. Army, corresponds identically to a map showing V-2 impact sites. The implications of this discovery launch Slothrop on a wildly comic extravaganza.

Gravity’s Rainbow is Pynchon’s most celebrated novel. An intricate and allusive fiction that combines and elaborates on many of the themes of his earlier work, including preterition, paranoia, racism, colonialism, conspiracy, synchronicity, and entropy, the novel has spawned a wealth of commentary and critical material, including reader’s guides, books and scholarly articles, online concordances and discussions, and art works. Its artistic value is often compared to that of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Some scholars have hailed it as the greatest American post-WW2 novel, and it has similarly been described as ‘literally an anthology of postmodernist themes and devices’.” (from Wikipedia)

A Journey Into the Mind of P, documentary on Pynchon (dir. Donatello Dubini & Fosco Dubini, 2002, 88 min)


Gravity’s Rainbow (English, 2000, EPUB)
Gravity’s Rainbow (English, undated, PDF, unpaginated)
L’arcobaleno della gravità (Italian, trans. Giuseppe Natale, 1999, no OCR, 82 MB), (OCR’d, unpaginated)
Súlyszivárvány (Hungarian, trans. János Széky, 2009, unpaginated)

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