Matthew K. Gold (ed.): Debates in the Digital Humanities (2012)

29 August 2013, dusan

“Encompassing new technologies, research methods, and opportunities for collaborative scholarship and open-source peer review, as well as innovative ways of sharing knowledge and teaching, the digital humanities promises to transform the liberal arts—and perhaps the university itself. Indeed, at a time when many academic institutions are facing austerity budgets, digital humanities programs have been able to hire new faculty, establish new centers and initiatives, and attract multimillion-dollar grants.

Clearly the digital humanities has reached a significant moment in its brief history. But what sort of moment is it? Debates in the Digital Humanities brings together leading figures in the field to explore its theories, methods, and practices and to clarify its multiple possibilities and tensions. From defining what a digital humanist is and determining whether the field has (or needs) theoretical grounding, to discussions of coding as scholarship and trends in data-driven research, this cutting-edge volume delineates the current state of the digital humanities and envisions potential futures and challenges. At the same time, several essays aim pointed critiques at the field for its lack of attention to race, gender, class, and sexuality; the inadequate level of diversity among its practitioners; its absence of political commitment; and its preference for research over teaching.”

Contributors: Bryan Alexander, Rafael Alvarado, Jamie “Skye” Bianco, Ian Bogost, Stephen Brier, Daniel J. Cohen, Cathy N. Davidson, Rebecca Frost Davis, Johanna Drucker, Amy E. Earhart, Charlie Edwards, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Julia Flanders, Neil Fraistat, Paul Fyfe, Michael Gavin, David Greetham, Jim Groom, Gary Hall, Mills Kelly, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Alan Liu, Elizabeth Losh, Lev Manovich, Willard McCarty, Tara McPherson, Bethany Nowviskie, Trevor Owens, William Pannapacker, Dave Parry, Stephen Ramsay, Alexander Reid, Geoffrey Rockwell, Mark L. Sample, Tom Scheinfeldt, Kathleen Marie Smith, Lisa Spiro, Patrik Svensson, Luke Waltzer, Matthew Wilkens, George H. Williams, Michael Witmore.

Publisher University of Minnesota Press, 2012
Open Access
ISBN 0816677956, 9780816677955
516 pages

Reviews: Dene Grigar (Leonardo Reviews), Jennifer Howard (Times Literary Supplement), Craig Bellamy (Digital Culture & Education).


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