Ingrid Hoelzl, Friedrich Tietjen (eds.): Images in Motion: Cahier #3 (2012)

19 November 2013, dusan

The aim of this Cahier is to bring together contributions that, induced by digitalization but not confined to digital images, explore historical and contemporary image practices that are situated beyond the habitual definitions of photography and film. The first part of the essays traces the pre-digital history of photography as a time-image in early photography (Timm Starl), the implications of using photographic images for proto-cinematic optical toys (Friedrich Tietjen) and Auguste Chevallier’s translation of panoramic images into a circular image which upsets traditional notions of photographic temporality as much as notions of the frame (Katja Müller-Helle). The second part explores the historical legacy of the digital “moving still” such as the freeze effect (Eivind Røssaak) employed in the blockbuster film The Matrix (1999) or the ubiquitous Ken Burns effect (Ingrid Hoelzl) used as a display feature in Apple iPhoto and other photo-software. It is preluded by a visual essay by Maarten Vanvolsem and Jonathan Shaw. The essay assembles and discusses their respective artistic practice in relation to their chronophotographic predecessors such as Bragagila—in the unusual format of the photographic still.

Publisher Luca School of Arts, Brussels, December 2012
ISBN 9789490049072
78 pages



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