Series of Monographs on Cinema, 10 vols. (1931–33) [NL]

26 January 2015, dusan

This set of monographs on early twentieth-century film is as important for the discourses on cinema, as it is for the graphic design.

Each volume has a cover created by the Dutch “typotekt” Piet Zwart, who had multiple careers as an interior designer, industrial design, commercial typographer, photographer, critic and lecturer. At the close of the twentieth century, Zwart was named ‘Designer of the Century’ by the Association of Dutch Designers.

Originally planned in twelve volumes, the last two in the series were not published: De techniek van de kunstfilm by M.T.H. Franken and Joris Ivens and Filmreclame by Piet Zwart.

Film: die serie monografieën over filmkunst
Series edited by C.J. Graadt van Roggen
Cover design Piet Zwart
Publisher W.L. & J. Brusse’s Uitgeversmaatschappij, Rotterdam, 1931-33
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1 Het linnen venster, by C.J. Graadt van Roggen (1931, 72 pp, 71 MB)
2 Dertig jaar film [Thirty Years of Film], by L.J. Jordan (1932, 79 pp, 73 MB)
3 Nederlandsche filmkunst, by Henrik Scholte (1933, 64 pp, 63 MB)
4 Russische filmkunst, by Th. B.F. Hoyer (1932, 84 pp, 85 MB)
5 Duitsche filmkunst [German Cinema], by Simon Koster (1931, 75 pp, 71 MB)
6 Fransche filmkunst, by Elisabeth de Roos (1931, 59 pp, 61 MB)
7 Amerikaansche filmkunst, by Jo Otten (1931, 70 pp, 71 MB)
8 De absolute film, by Menno ter Braak (1931, 50 pp, 50 MB), HTML (at DBNL)
9 De komische film, by Constant van Wessem (1931, 56 pp, 49 MB)
10 De geluidsfilm [Sound Film], by Lou Lichtveld (1933, 79 pp, 76 MB), HTML (at DBNL)

Gerald O’Grady, Bruce Posner (eds.): Articulated Light: The Emergence of Abstract Film in America (1995)

28 December 2013, dusan

Catalogue for “the most comprehensive retrospective of abstract films ever mounted”, covering the period 1920-1970, curated by Bruce Posner.

With texts by Bruce Posner, Gerald O’Grady, Vlada Petric, Fernand Léger, Oskar Fischinger, Harry Smith, Raúl Ruiz, Stan Brakhage, Cecile Starr, Mary Ellen Bute, Dwinell Grant, William Moritz, Robert Haller, James Whitney, Rani Singh, Hy Hirsh, James Sibley Watson Jr., and a filmography and bibliography compiled by Bruce Posner and Sabrina Zanella-Foresi.

Publisher Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA, and Anthology Film Archives, New York, 1995
16 pages

Exhibition review


Film as Film: Formal Experiment in Film, 1910-1975 (1979)

28 December 2013, dusan

Catalogue for an exhibition held at Hayward Gallery, London, in May-June 1979, derived from a project originally conceived by Birgit Hein and Wulf Herzogenrath and shown at the Kunstverein in Cologne in the previous year.

With texts by Phillip Drummond, A.L. Rees, Birgit Hein, Wulf Herzogenrath, Malcolm Le Grice, Ian Christie, Peter Weibel, Deke Dusinberre and William Moritz.

Publisher Arts Council of Great Britain, London, 1979
ISBN 0728702002
152 pages
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Exhibition review (John McEwen, The Spectator)

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