O plesu i iz(a) plesa (2016) [Croatian]

6 April 2018, dusan

This book covers a period between 2006 and 2016 of the work by Zagreb-based choreographic platform and organisation Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij and its adjacent artists and collaborators. It examines the idea of the artistic archive and memory in the medium of contemporary dance. Dramaturgs, theorists and artists process on different levels a period of structural and contextual challenges in post-transition Croatia as well as noting choreographic practices and points of interest.

With texts and contributions of some of the prominent Dramaturgs, theorist and artists such as Una Bauer, Katja Šimunić, Andrej Mirčev, Mila Pavičević, Pavle Heidler, Tomislav Medak, Marjana Krajač, and others.

Edited by Andrej Mirčev
Publisher Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij, Zagreb, 2016
ISBN 9789535893905
300 pages


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Jennifer McColl Crozier: Carmen Beuchat: modernismo y vanguardia (2010) [Spanish]

26 September 2017, dusan

A book on the life of Carmen Beuchat (1941) as a postmodern dancer and choreographer, from Santiago to Valparaíso, with an important passage through New York from the late 1960s through the 1980s.

“‘Monja, salvaje, barroca, gozadora y penitente, ávida de conocimiento, rupturista consuetudinaria, deseosa de libertad, atada a los seres queridos vivos y muertos’. Tal es la complejidad de Carmen Beuchat, ícono nacional de la danza contemporánea posmoderna. La descripción es de Paula Tapia, profesora de danza que prologa Carmen Beuchat. Modernismo y vanguardia. El libro cuenta la vida de Beuchat como bailarina y coreógrafa, de Santiago a Valparaíso, con un importante paso por Nueva York. Leerlo es recorrer las alegrías y los sinsabores de quienes hacían arte de vanguardia en Estados Unidos y en Chile.”

Publisher Cuarto Propio, Providencia, Chile, 2010
ISBN 9789562605090
130 pages
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Yvonne Rainer: Feelings Are Facts: A Life (2006)

26 July 2017, dusan

“In this memoir, dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer traces her personal and artistic coming of age. Feelings Are Facts (the title comes from a dictum by Rainer’s one-time psychotherapist) uses diary entries, letters, program notes, excerpts from film scripts, snapshots, and film-frame enlargements to present a vivid portrait of an extraordinary artist and woman in postwar America.

Rainer tells of a California childhood in which she was farmed out by her parents to foster families and orphanages, of sexual and intellectual initiations in San Francisco and Berkeley, and of artistic discoveries and accomplishments in the New York City dance world. Rainer studied with Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham in the late 1950s and early 1960s, cofounded the Judson Dance Theater in 1962, hobnobbed with New York artists including Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Morris (her lover and partner for several years), and Yoko Ono, and became involved with feminist and antiwar causes in the 1970s and 1980s. Rainer writes about how she constructed her dances—including The Mind Is a Muscle and its famous section, Trio A, as well as the recent After Many a Summer Dies the Swan—and about turning from dance to film and back to dance. And she writes about meeting her longtime partner Martha Gever and discovering the pleasures of domestic life.”

Publisher MIT Press, 2006
Writing Art series
ISBN 9780262182515, 0262182513
xvi+473 pages

Reviews: John Rockwell (NYT, 2006), Ian White (Afterall, 2007), Daniel Ross (Screening the Past, 2007), Deborah Jowitt (Dance Research, 2008).


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