Chantal Mouffe: The Democratic Paradox (2000–) [EN, ES, PL]

20 April 2011, dusan

“A new understanding of democracy that acknowledges the inescapable and essential antagonism in its workings.

From the theory of ‘deliberative democracy’ to the politics of the ‘third way’, the present Zeitgeist is characterized by attempts to deny what Chantal Mouffe contends is the inherently conflictual nature of democratic politics. Far from being signs of progress, such ideas constitute a serious threat to democratic institutions. Taking issue with John Rawls and Jürgen Habermas on one side, and the political tenets of Blair, Clinton and Schröder on the other, Mouffe brings to the fore the paradoxical nature of modern liberal democracy in which the category of the ‘adversary’ plays a central role. She draws on the work of Wittgenstein, Derrida, and the provocative theses of Carl Schmitt, to propose a new understanding of democracy which acknowledges the ineradicability of antagonism in its workings.”

Publisher Verso, London, 2000
ISBN 1859842798, 9781859842799
143 pages


The Democratic Paradox (English, updated on 2017-10-16)
La paradoja democrática (Spanish, trans. Tomás Fernández Aúz and Beatriz Eguibar, 2003, added on 2020-10-23)
Paradoks demokracji (Polish, trans. Wojciech Jach, Magdalena Kamińska, and Andrzej Orzechowski, 2005, added on 2020-10-23)

Chantal Mouffe: The Return of the Political (1993–) [English, Spanish]

20 April 2011, dusan

“A powerful new understanding of citizenship, democracy and pluralism.

In this work, Mouffe argues that liberal democracy misunderstands the problems of ethnic, religious and nationalist conflicts because of its inadequate conception of politics. He suggests that the democratic revolution may be jeopardized by a lack of understanding of citizenship, community and pluralism. Mouffe examines the work of Schmidt and Rawls and explores feminist theory, in an attempt to place the project of radical and plural democracy on a more adequate foundation than is provided by liberal theory.”

Publisher Verso, London, 1993
ISBN 0860914860, 9780860914860
156 pages

Review: Judith Squires (Radical Philosophy, 1995).


The Return of the Political (English, 1993, updated on 2012-7-31)
El retorno de lo político (Spanish, trans. Marco Aurelio Galmarini, 1999, 6 MB, updated on 2020-10-23)
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