Ry Nikonova, B. Constriktor, Serge Segay, A. Nik: Transpoets (1989) [Russian]

2 December 2015, dusan

A work of transfurist art and poetry.

Published in Trento, Italy, 1989
[22] pages
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Sezgin Boynik: Still Stealing Steel: Historical-Materialist Study of Zaum (2014)

5 October 2015, dusan

An artistic research on Zaum language conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Publisher Rab-Rab, Tbilisi, 2014
Photography by Minna Henriksson
Open access
[58] pages



Collected Works of Velimir Khlebnikov, 3 vols. (1987-1998)

6 September 2015, dusan

“Dubbed by his fellow Futurists the “King of Time”, Velimir Khlebnikov (1885–1922) spent his entire brief life searching for a new poetic language to express his convictions about the rhythm of history, the correspondence between human behavior and the “language of the stars.” The result was a vast body of poetry and prose that has been called hermetic, incomprehensible, even deranged. Of all this tragic generation of Russian poets (including Blok, Esenin, and Mayakovsky), Khlebnikov has been perhaps the most praised and the more censured.”

Edited by Charlotte Douglas (1), Ronald Vroon (2-3)
Translated by Paul Schmidt
Publisher Harvard University Press, 1987-98
ISBN 0674140451 (1), 067414046X (2), 0674140478 (3)
xii+452 & xii+403 & x+274 pages

Reviews: Cooke (of Vol 1, SEER 1989), Yastremski (of Vol 2, SEEJ 1990).


1. Letters and Theoretical Writings (1987, 29 MB)
2. Prose, Plays, and Supersagas (1989, 17 MB)
3: Selected Poems (1998, 10 MB)

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