Journal of Peer Production, No. 4: Value and Currency (2014)

17 April 2014, dusan

“In the context of earlier understandings of peer production, the question of value and even more of currency has been rather marginal. This issue of the Journal of Peer Production (JoPP) demonstrates that theories and practices of value and currency are moving into the foreground. There has been a veritable explosion of experiments with currency and also a continuing metrics creep in many peer projects and beyond. More fundamentally, though, the question of value and how it circulates through a collective body is central to any mature theory of social organisation.” (from the Introduction)

With contributions by Annika Richterich, Alexandre Mallard, Cécile Méadel and Francesca Musiani, Quinn DuPont, Johan Söderberg, and comments by Amir Taaki, Beat Weber, Michel Bauwens, and Miguel Said Vieira & Primavera De Filippi.

Edited by Nathaniel Tkacz, Nicolas Mendoza and Francesca Musiani
Published in April 2014
Open Access
ISSN 2213-5316

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