Report from the Gutenberg Galaxy (Blaker), 1-2 (2015) [English/Norwegian]

5 January 2016, dusan

A series of two publications released in connection with the exhibition project The Gutenberg Galaxy at Blaker
(2013–2015) which takes as its point of departure the archive of the artist Guttorm Guttormsgaard, a collection of tens of thousands of objects he has collected with the intention of “documenting necessary impulses to keep one’s spirits up.” The archive is located in a former dairy in Blaker, a village 40 km northeast of Oslo. Guttormsgaard has referred to the printed book as a model for his own artistic practice. The project aims to reimagine the book today.

With texts by Wolfgang Ernst, Constant, Guttorm Guttormsgaard, et al. (1), Adrian Johns, Johanna Drucker, Constant, Ina Blom, Jørn H. Sværen, José de Almada Negreiros (2).

Edited by Karin Nygård and Ellef Prestsæter
Publisher Rett Kopi, Blaker, 2015
38 & 90 pages (EN)
via Ellef Prestsæter

Exhibition review: Stian Gabrielsen (Kunstkritikk, 2014, NO).
Interview (Kunstkritikk, NO)


No. 1 (English, 11 MB, PDF)
No. 2 (English, 32 MB, PDF)
No. 1 (Norwegian, 7 MB, PDF)
No. 2 (Norwegian, 19 MB, PDF)
See also third volume.

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