Mark Nunes (ed.): Error: Glitch, Noise, and Jam in New Media Cultures (2010)

24 May 2011, dusan

Divided into three sections, Error brings together established critics and emerging voices to offer a significant contribution to the field of new media studies. In the first section, “Hack,” contributors explore the ways in which errors, glitches, and failure provide opportunities for critical and aesthetic intervention within new media practices. In the second section, “Game,” they examine how errors allow for intentional and accidental co-opting of rules and protocols toward unintended ends. The final section, “Jam,” considers the role of error as both an inherent “counterstrategy” and a mode of tactical resistance within a network society. By offering a timely and novel exploration into the ways in which error and noise “slip through” in systems dominated by principles of efficiency and control, this collection provides a unique take on the ways in which information theory and new media technologies inform cultural practice.

Publisher Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010
ISBN 144112120X, 9781441121202
288 pages

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2 Responses to “Mark Nunes (ed.): Error: Glitch, Noise, and Jam in New Media Cultures (2010)”

  1. ARNAB CHATTERJEE on October 15, 2015 5:19 am

    Plz provide us with the pdf file of Michael Kelly, ed. (1994), Critique and Power: Recasting the Foucault/Habermas Debate, Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-61093-0 for which we are badly, madly looking. The ordinary and poor humanity is grateful for what u r doin–its a service to the readers who r nt rich; it will be more so after this. Glory to Monoskop ! Long live the monskopers!

  2. dusan on October 15, 2015 7:59 am

    Thank you Arnab, you can find the book on Arg.

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