John Cage: A Mycological Foray – Variations on Mushrooms, 2 vols. (1972/2020)

26 June 2020, dusan

John Cage: A Mycological Foray draws readers across the idiosyncratic, mushroom-suffused, innermost landscape of celebrated American composer John Cage. Upon the remarkable journey with Cage, one encounters assorted photographs, compositions, and contemplations; all in the very same unexpected fashion one encounters various flora and fungi species while mushroom foraging.

Volume I encompasses Cage’s mycological-oriented Indeterminacy stories, Diary excerpts, and essays; and the complete transcript of Cage’s 1983 performance, MUSHROOMS et Variationes.”

Volume II offers the inaugural reproduction of Cage’s 1972 portfolio, Mushroom Book, printed in 1972 in the limited run of 75 copies. The book is a study of fifteen different species of mushrooms, and each folio includes Cage’s poetry, sketches, and drawings (placed on the page by chance operations); scientific information about the mushrooms by Alexander H. Smith; and botanical illustrations by Lois Long.

John Cage: A Mycological Foray is developed in collaboration with the John Cage Trust.

With essay by Kingston Trinder and texts by Isabelle Bucklow.

Edited by Ananda Pellerin
Publisher Atelier Éditions, New York, 2020
ISBN 1733622004, 9781733622004
224 pages
via Alexandra Fanning, HT Georges Vantongerloo


PDF (watermarked file from publisher’s Dropbox, contains both volumes; no longer available as of 2 July 2020)

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    could you please re-upload it on your server, maybe? Thank you very much.

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    Precisamos de uma senha :(

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    what about that password? would you provide it or there is another way to upload Cage’s Forays… thanx

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    Yes, please. Nobody can download the file from Dropbox as it requires a password.

  7. Fletcher on July 3, 2020 4:15 am

    eager to read this – hoping a password surfaces soon!

  8. Georges VANTONGERLOO on July 4, 2020 3:58 am

    Everyone who wants the Cage´s book write me an email and be patient….because I am a very busy international artist….And I will send you the book in PDF version

    Georges VANTONGERLOO (1886-1965)

  9. radiocitizen on July 28, 2020 5:44 am

    When prompted for the password just hit ‘cancel’ and then ‘download’. But then you will need a password to open the PDF file.

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