IDEA Arts + Society (2003–) [Romanian/English]

13 September 2011, dusan

Idea 36-37, 2010

Idea 35, 2010

“IDEA art+society is a multiannual publication produced by IDEA, Cluj. It is published under its current form since 2003.

Allegiance to the exigency of genuine theory – a theory which is, first of all, its own practice – this is the program of IDEA arts+society magazine. This means: the practice of the concerned eye, which can be rigorous solely through the unconditional solidarity with the concrete. It is a practice of thinking which is alien to any aestheticism, hostile to any institutionalized transcendence, immune to the biased fiction of ideological neutrality, and remote from the pernicious language of our contemporary culture of ‘experts.’ In brief, it is the practice of critical and defiant reflection, dramatically lacking in the intellectual-civic debates of present-day Romania.

The graphical and logical operator ‘+’ functions as the material figura of all these dimensions, to which we can add artistic education and the public influence of art. The various ways of deciphering this sign suggest the manifold articulations between the artistic and the social realm. That is, the political.”

IDEA artă + societate / IDEA arts + society
Editors: Bogdan Ghiu, Ciprian Mureșan, Timotei Nădășan (editor-in-chief), Alexandru Polgár, Adrian T. Sîrbu, Ovidiu Țichindeleanu, Raluca Voinea
ISSN 1583–8293

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