Peter Manning: Electronic and Computer Music, rev. ed. (2004)

15 June 2009, dusan

This updated and expanded third edition of Peter Manning’s classic text, Electronic and Computer Music, deals with the development of the medium from its birth to the 21st century. The first section of the book, which remains essentially unchanged in this edition, covers electroacoustic music from its beginning at the turn of the century to 1945, the development of post-1945 ‘classical’ studios, development of voltage-controlled technology, and its commercial exploitation in tape works, live electronic music, and the early use of electronics in rock and pop music. Section two, Computer Music, is heavily revised and significantly expanded and treats the digital revolution from the early experiments during the late 1950s and early 1960s to the advanced systems of today. Emphasizing the functional characteristics of emerging digital technologies and their influence on the creative development of the medium, Manning covers key developments in both commercial and the non-commercial sectors.

Publisher Oxford University Press US, 2004
ISBN 0195144848, 9780195144840
474 pages

Key terms:
empreints DIGITALes, electronic music, IRCAM, MIDI, musique concrete, Wergo, CSOUND, timbre, personal computer, MUSICn, computer music, digital-to-analog converter, Apple Macintosh, music workstation, Synclavier, Yamaha, analog synthesizer, ring modulator, Synket, CCRMA

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