Joan Broadhurst Dixon, Eric J. Cassidy (eds.): Virtual Futures. Cyberotics, Technology and Posthuman Pragmatism (1998)

17 July 2009, dusan

Virtual Futures explores the ideas that the future lies in its ability to articulate the consequences of an increasingly synthetic and virtual world. New technologies like cyberspace, the internet, and Chaos theory are often discussed in the context of technology and its potential to liberate or in terms of technophobia. This collection examines both these ideas while also charting a new and controversial route through contemporary discourses on technology; a path that discusses the material evolution and the erotic relation between humans and machines. Including essays by Sadie Plant, Stelarc and Manuel de Landa, the collection heralds the death of humanism and the rise of posthuman pragmatism. This collection provides analyses by both established theorists and the most innovative new voices working in conjunction between the arts and contemporary technology.”

Keywords and phrases
Neuromancer, telepathy, cybernetic, Freud, body without organs, pleasure principle, deterritorialization, Lyotard, postmodern, fascism, cyborg, cyberspace, metaphysic of presence, Hebrew alphabet, Talmud, Cybergothic, Habiru, University of Warwick, pictographic, schizoanalysis

Publisher Routledge, 1998
ISBN 0415133793, 9780415133791
125 pages


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