Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Mattin: Idioms and Idiots (2010)

14 January 2012, dusan

“We are all interested in philosophy. One of us is a professional philosopher interested in music. The others invited him to collaborate on a project. The precise nature of this collaboration is to be determined: he is not a musician and has never participated in any sort of musical performance. He agrees to collaborate but neither he nor the others have any idea what form the collaboration will take. We did something together: a concert. We want to try to explain it to ourselves: What happened exactly? How did it happen? And why? … We want to recount the story of the process, but not only that; we also want to recapitulate all the discussions that took place before and afterwards (right up to the present), articulating the questions posed by the concert – questions that are both abstractly theoretical and very concrete. Our hope is that in doing so, the experience of the concert will allow us to attain a better understanding of the representation of art in art. ”

Released by w.m.o/r, #35, May 2010
CD with 36 pages booklet



Iannis Xenakis: Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition (1963–) [French, English]

13 December 2010, dusan

In this landmark book Iannis Xenakis offers a critical self-examination of his theoretical propositions and artistic output of the thirty-five years of his career. It is an essential tool for understanding the man and the thought processes of one of this century’s most important and revolutionary musical figures.

Publisher Richard Masse, Paris, 1963
232 pages

English edition
First published by Indiana University Press, 1971.
Additional material compiled and edited by Sharon Kanach
Publisher Pendragon Press, Stuyvesant/NY, 1992
Contains translations of 6 chapters from the 1963 French edition, 3 chapters and 2 appendices added to the 1971 English edition, and another 4 chapters and 1 appendix added for this edition.
Volume 6 of Harmonologia series
ISBN 0945193246
387 pages

Publisher (EN)

Musiques formelles. Noveaux principes formels de composition musicale (French, 1963, 17 MB, added on 2012-2-17; updated on 2014-2-28), Chapter PDFs (at Iannis-Xenakis.org, added on 2014-11-11)
Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition (English, 1971/1992, no OCR; updated on 2012-8-3)

Joscelyn Godwin: Music and the Occult: French Musical Philosophies, 1750-1950 (1995)

30 May 2010, dusan

This book is an adventure into the unexplored territory of French esoteric philosophies and their relation to music. Occultism and esotericism flourished in nineteenth-century France as they did nowhere else. Many philosophers sought the key to the universe, some claimed to have found it, and, in the unitive vision that resulted, music invariably played an important part. These modern Pythagoreans all believed in the Harmony of the Spheres and in the powerful effects of music on the human soul and body. Faced with the challenge of the rationalist Enlightenment, then with that of modern scientism, they adapted their occultism to the prevailing style. A widely published musicologist and authority on esotericism, Godwin is able to give a clear and concise context for these philosophers’ often surprising beliefs, and he demonstrates how this “speculative music” influenced composers such as Satie and Debussy, who were familiar with occultism. His long study of music and the Western esoteric tradition makes him uniquely qualified to unravel the strange story of these forgotten sages.

Publisher University of Rochester Press, 1995
Volume 3 of Eastman studies in music
ISBN 1878822535, 9781878822536
261 pages

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