Thomas Dreher: Performance Art nach 1945. Aktionstheater und Intermedia (2001) [German]

8 January 2016, dusan

This book explores a spectrum of types and definitions of performance, from action painting, Gutai, Viennese Action art, and destruction in art to body and transgressive art, and from closed-circuit video to computer and telecommunications in performance. Sections of the book also address solo, as well as collective, performance, multifunctionalism and conceptual performance, the role of the spectator, and other neglected aspects of the range of performance.

Publisher Wilhelm Fink, Munich, 2001
Das Problempotential der Nachkriegsavantgarden series, 3
ISBN 3770534522, 9783770534524
543 pages

Reviews: Michael Hauffen (Kunstforum, 2001, DE), Holger Schulze (IASL, 2002, DE).



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