Félix Guattari: The Three Ecologies (1989–) [FR, PT, DE, EN]

17 October 2009, dusan

Just as rare species are disappearing at an alarming rate, so whole areas of human thought, feeling and sensibility are becoming extinct through the power of an infantalizing mass media and the social exclusion of the old, the young and the unemployed. Extending the definition of ecology to encompass social relations and human subjectivity as well as environmental concerns, Guattari argues that the ecological crises that threaten our planet are the direct result of the expansion of a new form of capitalism and that a new ecosophical approach must be found which respects the differences between all living systems.

A powerful critique of capitalism and a manifesto for a new way of thinking, The Three Ecologies is also an ideal introduction to the work of one of Europe’s most radical thinkers. This edition of The Three Ecologies includes a chronology of Guattari’s life and work, introductions to both his general philosophy and to the work itself and extended notes to the original text.

French edition
Publisher Éditions Galilée, Paris, 1989
ISBN 2718603518
74 pages

English edition
Translation by Ian Pindar and Paul Sutton
Publisher Athlone Press, London, 2000
ISBN 0485004089, 9780485004083
174 pages

Google books (EN)

Les trois écologies (French, 1989, added on 2014-3-21)
As três ecologias (Portuguese, trans. Maria Cristina F. Bittencourt, 1990, updated on 2012-10-18)
Die drei Ökologien (German, trans. Alec A. Schaeret, 1994, added on 2016-4-27)
The Three Ecologies (English, trans. Ian Pindar and Paul Sutton, 2000, updated on 2012-10-18)

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