The Laboratory Planet, 1-4 (2007-2011) [English/French]

13 February 2009, dusan

The Laboratory Planet is a periodic journal of philosophy, science and critical writing on technology. It is published in two versions, English and French, both as print and internet editions. Ewen Chardronnet, Michel Tibon-Cornillot and Bureau d’études, produce Laboratory Planet with a team of artistic researchers, philosophers, scientists and activists. As a journalistic multimedia piece, its online platform discusses geostrategic and tactical media as well as speculative issues lurking behind the ambiguous headlines of the mainstream press.”

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Issue 1: Why are we working to our own obsolescence? (2007, English, updated on 2017-12-4)
Issue 1: Pourquoi travaillons nous à notre obsolescence? (2007, French, updated on 2017-12-4)
Issue 2: Hope is not needed to act (July 2008, English, added on 2017-12-4)
Issue 2: Il n’est nul besoin d’espérer pour entreprendre (July 2008, French, updated on 2017-12-4)
Issue 3: The laboratory planet or the terminal phase of nihilism (September 2008, English, updated on 2017-12-4)
Issue 3: La planète laboratoire ou la phase terminale du nihilisme (September 2008, French, updated on 2017-12-4)
Issue 4: La conquète de la Terre par les ordinateurs (October 2011, French, added on 2013-8-1, updated on 2017-12-4)
See also Issue 5.

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