Bruce Sterling: The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier (1992–) [EN, ES, CZ]

28 October 2009, dusan

“The AT&T long-distance network crashes, and millions of calls go unanswered. A computer hacker reprograms a switching station, and calls to a Florida probation office are shunted to a New York phone-sex hotline. An underground computer bulletin board publishes a pilfered BellSouth document on the 911 emergency system, making it available to anyone who dials up. How did so much illicit power reach the hands of an undisciplined few – and what should be done about it?

The book discusses watershed events in the hacker subculture in the early 1990s. The most notable topic covered is Operation Sundevil and the events surrounding the 1987-1990 war on the Legion of Doom network: the raid on Steve Jackson Games, the trial of ‘Knight Lightning’ (one of the original journalists of Phrack), and the subsequent formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The book also profiles the likes of ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’ (publisher of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly), the former Assistant Attorney General of Arizona Gail Thackeray, FLETC instructor Carlton Fitzpatrick, Mitch Kapor, and John Perry Barlow.”

In 1994, Sterling released the book for the Internet with a new afterword.

Publisher Bantam Books, 1992
Literary Freeware: Not for Commercial Use
ISBN 055356370X
323 pages


The Hacker Crackdown (English, 1992/1994, HTML, EPUB, Kindle, TXT)
The Hacker Crackdown (English, audiobook, read by Cory Doctorow, 2008, MP3, OGG)
Le Caza des Hackers. Ley y Desorden en la Frontera Electrónica (Spanish, trans. trans. El Equipo de Traductores de Kriptópolis, 1999, added on 2020-4-13)
Zátah na hackery (Czech, trans. Václav Bárta, 2004, HTML, updated on 2020-4-12)

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