Patrick Greaney: Quotational Practices: Repeating the Future in Contemporary Art (2014)

12 November 2017, dusan

“Literature and art have always depended on imitation, and in the past few decades quotation and appropriation have become dominant aesthetic practices. But critical methods have not kept pace with this development. Patrick Greaney reopens the debate about quotation and appropriation, shifting away from claims about the death of the author. In interpretations of art and literature from the 1960s to the present, Quotational Practices shows how artists and writers use quotation not to undermine authorship and originality, but to answer questions at the heart of twentieth-century philosophies of history.

Greaney argues that quotation is a technique employed by art and philosophy to build ties to the past and to possible futures. By exploring quotation’s links to gender, identity, and history, he offers new approaches to works by some of the most influential modern and contemporary artists, writers, and philosophers, including Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord, Michel Foucault, Marcel Broodthaers, Glenn Ligon, Sharon Hayes, and Vanessa Place.

Ultimately, Quotational Practices reveals innovative perspectives on canonical philosophical texts as well as art and literature in a wide range of genres and mediums—from concrete poetry and the artist’s book to performance, painting, and video art.”

Publisher University of Minnesota Press, 2014
ISBN 9780816687343, 081668734X
xiv+217 pages

Reviews: Laura Guy (Visual Studies, 2015), Adam Barbu (Rev Cult Theory, 2016).


PDF (25 MB)

NSK from Kapital to Capital: Neue Slowenische Kunst: An Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia (2015) [English, Slovenian]

15 December 2016, dusan

“The exhibition NSK from Kapital to Capital was the first major museum project of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) collective, and followed the events of its individual constitutive groups, from 1980 and the Laibach poster scandal in Trbovlje (Slovenia) through 1992, when the art collective transformed into the NSK State in Time. The title, NSK from Kapital to Capital, places the exhibition in the socio-political context of the turbulent 1980s, when the old world order was crumbling and the all-encompassing system of global capitalism was starting to come into its own.”

Publisher Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, 2015
ISBN 9789612061142
83 pages
via L’Internationale


From Kapital to Capital (English, 2015, 2 MB, PDF)
Od Kapitala do kapitala (Slovenian, 2015, PDF, added on 2017-11-7)

Luchezar Boyadjiev: Schadenfreude Book Kassel (2003)

7 December 2015, dusan

Catalogue for an exhibition at Documenta 2003 with hand-written notes from an artist who worked there as a guide.

Statement: “This is my artist’s book based on the altered and heavily manipulated catalogue of the exhibition of contemporary art from the Balkans titled In the Gorges of the Balkans, 2003, in Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany. The book is part of my work-in-progress titled Schadenfreude Guided Tours (2003), which originated in and with this show. The work is the visual-textual summary of the tours. Along with many drawings, objects and a 4-part video documentation of the tours in Kassel, the book is in the collection of René Block, the curator of that show. I am very grateful to René for letting me do this project! He has also graciously allowed me to share-and-publish the digital version of the work – for which I am very grateful! A text of mine about the first installment of this project and titled “Off the Record” was published in MJ – Manifesta Journal (Journal of Contemporary Curatorship), Number 2 – winter 2003/spring 2004, Biennials. ©lchzr bdjv’2003″

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