Sean Pryor, David Trotter (eds.): Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technographies (2016)

10 November 2016, dusan

“This is a collection of thirteen scholarly essays which explores the mutual determination of forms of writing and forms of technology in modern literature. The essays unfold from a variety of historical and theoretical perspectives the proposition that literature is not less but more mechanical than other forms of writing: a transfigurative ideal machine. The collection unearths representations in literature and film of a whole range of decisive technologies from the stereopticon through census-and slot-machines to the stock ticker, and from the Telex to the manipulation of genetic code and the screens which increasingly mediate our access to the world and to each other. It also investigates concepts which articulate the relation between writing and technology: number, measure, encoding, encryption, the archive, the interface.”

Contributors: Ruth Abbott, John Attridge, Kasia Boddy, Mark Byron, Beci Carver, Steven Connor, Esther Leslie, Robbie Moore, Julian Murphet, James Purdon, Sean Pryor, Paul Sheehan, Kristen Treen.

Publisher Open Humanities Press, 2016
Technographies series
Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License
ISBN 9781785420061
223 pages


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Bogumiła Suwara (ed.): {(staré a nové) rozhrania /*interfejsy*/ [literatúry]} (2014) [SK, CZ]

18 January 2016, dusan

Collected papers by Slovak, Czech and Polish theorists on the theme of interfaces in electronic literature and (post)digital culture. With English abstracts.

“Kolektívna monografia je príspevkom do vedeckého diskurzu na prieniku literárnej teórie, estetiky, kulturológie a mediálnych štúdií. Prostredníctvom štúdií teoretičiek a teoretikov zo Slovenska, Českej republiky a Poľska upozorňuje na problematiku interfejsov v elektronickej literatúre a (post)digitálnej kultúre. Texty prinášajú nový pohľad na vývojové trendy umenia vrátane literatúry s prihliadnutím na súčasné metódy výskumu a najnovšie teoretické poznatky v danej oblasti.”

With texts by Andrzej Adamski, Krištof Anetta, Joanna Ciesielska, Zuzana Husárová, Jana Kostincová, Kateřina Piorecká, Karel Piorecký, Mariusz Pisarski, and Bogumila Suwara.

Publisher SAP & Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, Bratislava, 2014
ISBN 9788089607303
239 pages

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L. Moholy-Nagy: Vision in Motion (1947)

21 June 2015, dusan

“This book is written for the artist and the layman, for everyone interested in his relationship to our existing civilization. It is an extension of my previous book, The New Vision. But while The New Vision gave mainly particulars about the educational methods of the old Bauhaus, Vision in Motion concentrates on the work of the Institute of Design, Chicago, and presents a broader, more general view of the interrelatedness of art and life.” (from the author’s foreword)

Publisher Paul Theobald, Chicago, 1947
371 pages


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