Convergence 18(3), Special Issue on Locative Media (2012)

6 February 2013, dusan

“The aim of this special issue of Convergence is to open up conversations about the past, present and possible future directions of locative media, both within the precise context of new media arts as well as across their wider manifestations and contexts of use. It seeks to highlight the continued importance of and need for ongoing and detailed critical engagement with locative media in all its forms.”

With contributions by Andrea Zeffiro, Marc Tuters, Frauke Behrendt, Lars Nyre, Solveig Bjørnestad, Bjørnar Tessem, and Kjetil Vaage Øie, Chris Chesher, Carlos Barreneche.

Guest editor: Rowan Wilken
Publisher SAGE
ISSN 1354-8565
351 pages



Computational Culture, a Journal of Software Studies, Issue Two (2012)

1 October 2012, dusan

Computational Culture is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of inter-disciplinary enquiry into the nature of cultural computational objects, practices, processes and structures.

With contributions by Robert W. Gehl & Sarah Bell, Annette Vee, Bernhard Rieder, Jennifer Gabrys, Carlos Barreneche, Shintaro Miyazaki, Bernard Stiegler, Chiara Bernardi, Kevin Hamilton, “ “, Boris Ružić, Felix Stalder, Greg Elmer.

Editorial group: Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey, Olga Goriunova, Graham Harwood, Adrian Mackenzie
Published in September 2012
Open access
ISSN 2047-2390


Berry, van Dartel, Dieter, Kasprzak, Muller, O’Reilly, de Vicente: New Aesthetic, New Anxieties (2012)

23 June 2012, dusan

The New Aesthetic was a design concept and netculture phenomenon launched into the world by London designer James Bridle in 2011. It continues to attract the attention of media art, and throw up associations to a variety of situated practices, including speculative design, net criticism, hacking, free and open source software development, locative media, sustainable hardware and so on. This is how we have considered the New Aesthetic: as an opportunity to rethink the relations between these contexts in the emergent episteme of computationality. There is a desperate need to confront the political pressures of neoliberalism manifested in these infrastructures. Indeed, these are risky, dangerous and problematic times; a period when critique should thrive. But here we need to forge new alliances, invent and discover problems of the common that nevertheless do not eliminate the fundamental differences in this ecology of practices. In this book, perhaps provocatively, we believe a great deal could be learned from the development of the New Aesthetic not only as a mood, but as a topic and fix for collective feeling, that temporarily mobilizes networks. Is it possible to sustain and capture these atmospheres of debate and discussion beyond knee-jerk reactions and opportunistic self-promotion? These are crucial questions that the New Aesthetic invites us to consider, if only to keep a critical network culture in place.

New Aesthetic New Anxieties is the result of a five day Book Sprint organized by Michelle Kasprzak and led by Adam Hyde at V2_ from June 17–21, 2012.

Facilitated by: Adam Hyde
Authors: David M. Berry, Michel van Dartel, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel O’Reilly and José Luis de Vicente.
Published in Rotterdam, June 2012 (James Bridle’s Tumblr site)
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