Keiko Sei (ed.): Von der Bürokratie zur Telekratie. Rumänien im Fernsehen. Ein Symposion aus Budapest (1990) [German]

2 December 2015, dusan

The publication resulting from the symposium The Media Are With Us!: The Role of Television in the Romanian Revolution which took place at Mücsarnok, Budapest, on 6-7 April 1990.

Contributions by Paolino Accolla, László Beke, Magda Cârneci, Mihaela Cristea, Serge Daney, Jean-Paul Fargier, Vilém Flusser, Ingo Günther, Veijo Hietala, Ari Honka-Hallila, Erkki Huhtamo, Derrick de Kerckhove, Richard Kriesche, Geert Lovink, Margaret Morse, Morgan Russel, Jeffrey Shaw, Tjebbe van Tijen, Paul Virilio, and Peter Weibel.

Translated by Almuth Carstens, Birger Ollrogge and Monika Rauschenbach
Publisher Merve, Berlin, 1990
Internationaler Merve-Diskurs series, 157
ISBN 3883960772, 9783883960777
165 pages
via Neda Genova

Review: Eveline Lubbers (Mediamatic, 1991).


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See also video documentary from the event.

Journal of Visual Culture 13(1): Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man @ 50 (2014)

13 November 2014, dusan

A collection of thirty commissioned 1,000-word essays marking the semicentennial of McLuhan’s Understanding Media, written by Charles R Acland, John Armitage, Ryan Bishop, Jay David Bolter, Antonio A Casilli, Suzanne de Castell, Richard Cavell, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Edward Comor, Wolfgang Ernst, Gary Genosko, W Terrence Gordon, Paolo Granata, Richard Grusin, Erkki Huhtamo, Derrick de Kerckhove, Peter Krapp, Elena Lamberti, Paul Levinson, Henry Lowood, Peter Lunenfeld, Lev Manovich, Janine Marchessault, Shannon Mattern, WJT Mitchell, Jussi Parikka, Jeffrey T Schnapp, Marc Steinberg, Jonathan Sterne, William Uricchio, and Brent Strang.

Edited by Raiford Guins
Publisher Sage, April 2014
ISSN 1470-4129
114 pages


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W. J. T. Mitchell, Mark B. N. Hansen (eds.): Critical Terms for Media Studies (2010)

2 April 2014, dusan

“Part of a larger conversation that engages culture, technology, and politics, this collection of essays explores critical language for dealing with the qualities and modes of contemporary media. The essays, commissioned expressly for this volume, are organized into three interrelated groups: “Aesthetics” engages with terms that describe sensory experiences and judgments, “Technology” offers entry into a broad array of technological concepts, and “Society” opens up language describing the systems that allow a medium to function.”

Contributors: Johanna Drucker (Art), Bernadette Wegenstein (Body), Bill Brown (Materiality), Bernard Stiegler (Memory), Caroline Jones (Senses), Eugene Thacker (Biomedia), Bruce Clarke (Communication, Information), N. Katherine Hayles (Cybernetics), Geoffrey Winthrop-Young (Hardware / Software / Wetware), John Johnston (Technology), David Graeber (Exchange), Cary Wolfe (Language), Peter Goodrich (Law), John Durham Peters (Mass Media), Alexander R. Galloway (Networks), David Wellbery (Systems), Lydia H. Liu (Writing), and W. J. T. Mitchell and Mark B. N. Hansen (Image, Time and Space, New Media).

Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2010
ISBN 0226532666, 9780226532660
376 pages