Martin Kohlrausch: Brokers of Modernity: East Central Europe and the Rise of Modernist Architects, 1910-1950 (2019)

8 May 2019, dusan

“The first half of the twentieth century witnessed the rise of modernist architects. Brokers of Modernity reveals how East Central Europe turned into one of the pre-eminent testing grounds of the new belief system of modernism. By combining the internationalism of the CIAM organization and the modernising aspirations of the new states built after 1918, the reach of modernist architects extended far beyond their established fields. Yet, these architects paid a price when Europe’s age of extremes intensified.

Mainly drawing on Polish, but also wider Central and Eastern European cases, this book delivers a pioneering study of the dynamics of modernist architects as a group, including how they became qualified, how they organized, communicated and attempted to live the modernist lifestyle themselves. In doing so, Brokers of Modernity raises questions concerning collective work in general and also invites us to examine the social role of architects today.”

Publisher Leuven University Press, 2019
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License
ISBN 9462701725, 9789462701724
400 pages



Rejected Heritage: Polish Art of the 1980s (2011) [Polish, English]

6 November 2017, dusan

Publication based on a conference on Polish art of the 1980s organised by Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art.

Edited by Karol Sienkiewicz
Publisher Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Warsaw, 2011
189 pages


Odrzucone dziedzictwo. O sztuce polskiej lat 80. (Polish, 2011, Issuu, Video recordings from conference)
Rejected Heritage: Polish Art of the 1980s (English, 2011, Issuu)

SZUM: sztuka polska w rozszerzonym polu (2013–) [Polish]

14 November 2015, dusan

A cutting-edge magazine on contemporary art from Poland, started 2013.

Founding editors: Jakub Banasiak and Adam Mazur
Publisher Fundacja Kultura Miejsca, Warsaw

Home page

No 1: Akademicy (2013, PDF)
No 2: Rynek (2013, PDF)
No 3: A-Z 2013 (2013, PDF)
No 4: Instytucje (2014, PDF)
No 5: Artyści (2014, PDF)
No 6: Internet (2014, PDF)
No 7: Alfabet młodych (2014, PDF)
No 8: Drugi kanon (2015, PDF)
No 9: Kuratorzy (2015, PDF)
No 10: Mapa sztuki polskiej 2015 (2015, PDF)
No 11: Konkursy artystyczne (2015-16, PDF)
No 12: Fotografia (2016, PDF)
No 13: Performans (2016, PDF)
No 14: Architektura (2016, PDF)
No 15: Rzeźba (2016, PDF)
No 16: Malarstwo (2017, PDF)
No 17: d14 Ateny (2017, PDF)
No 18: Kuratorski epicykl. documenta 14 (Kassel) (2017, added on 2019-10-1)
No 19: Abecadło (2017-2018, added on 2019-10-1)
No 20: Duma i uprzedzenie (2018, added on 2019-10-1)
No 21: Sztuka w Polsce 2013–2018. Pięć lat „Szumu” (2018, added on 2019-10-1)
No 22: Artystów praca nie hańbi (2018, added on 2019-10-1)
No 23: Rózgi i róże (2018, added on 2019-10-1)
No 24: Podlegli (2019, added on 2019-10-1)