New German Critique, No. 78, Special Issue on German Media Studies (1999)

18 January 2013, dusan

With texts by Michael Geisler and Michelle Mattson, Peter Humphreys, Knut Hickethier, Michael Geisler, Norbert Bolz, Siegfried Zielinski, Heidemarie Schumacher, Tom Huhn.

Edited by Michael Geisler and Michelle Mattson
Publisher Telos Press, New York, Fall 1999
196 pages


Rudolf Arnheim: Radio: An Art of Sound (1936/1971)

15 August 2012, dusan

“Arnheim treats all aspects of sound. He explores words and music as kinds of sounds; discusses direction and distance, spatial resonance, sequence and juxtaposition in radio sound; makes comparisons between sound film and radio techniques and effects; and details the benefits of imagination with sound from a creative and emotional point of view. The art of announcing, the psychology of the listener, and two generalized discussions of radio around the world, and the prospects for television are covered in the last chapters.”

Translated by Margaret Ludwig and Herbert Read
First published by Faber and Faber, London, 1936
Publisher Arno Press, New York, 1971
287 pages


Robert Chapman: Selling the Sixties: The Pirates and Pop Music Radio (1992)

29 July 2012, dusan

Was it a non-stop psychedelic party or was there more to pirate radio in the sixties than hedonism and hip radicalism? From Kenny Everett’s sacking to John Peel’s legendary `Perfumed Garden’ show, to the influence of the multi-national ad agencies, and the eventual assimilationof aspects of unofficial pop radio into Radio One, Selling the Sixties examines the boom of private broadcasting in Britain.

Using two contrasting models of pop piracy, Radios Caroline and London, Robert Chapman sets pirate radio in its social and cultural context. In doing so he challenges the myths surrounding its maverick `Kings Road’ image, separating populist consumerism from the economic and political machinations which were the flipside of the pirate phenomenon.

Selling the Sixties includes previously unseen evidence from the pirates’ archives, revealing interviews and an unrivalled selection of rare audio materials.

Publisher Routledge, 1992
ISBN 0415079705, 9780415079709
295 pages

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