Edith Decker, Peter Weibel (eds.): Vom Verschwinden der Ferne: Telekommunikation und Kunst (1990) [German]

17 October 2012, dusan

Published on the occasion of an exhibition held at Deutsches Postmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, from 2 October 1990 until 13 January 1991.

Publisher DuMont Buchverlag, Cologne, 1990
Volume 257 of DuMont Taschenbücher
ISBN 3770127250, 9783770127252
359 pages


Machiko Kusahara: Toward Digital Biodiversity: A View on Correlation of Digital Technology and Culture through Analysis of Media Art and Entertainment (2001)

6 May 2012, dusan

This dissertation deals with the relationship between contemporary media art and digital technology. The main focus is on the analysis of the nature of interaction between art and technology. Through a series of case studies, various interactions are analyzed. This will be dealt with from a number of different perspectives, yet always within the context of media culture and society. The way media art and technology simultaneously both influence and are influenced by society and culture will be considered from the perspectives of art history, science, perception and media research. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop conceptual methods for a better understanding of the modalities of human-computer interaction.

Dissertation thesis
The University of Tokyo, January 2001
180 pages

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Roy Ascott (ed.): Engineering Nature: Art & Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era (2006)

2 April 2012, dusan

This third volume in the Consciousness Reframed series, documenting the very latest artistic and theoretical research in new media and telematics including aspects of artificial life, robotics, technoetics, performance, computer music and intelligent architecture. The contributions to this volume represent the work produced at conferences and in journals which are only now emerging into more accessible literature. With over fifty highly respected practitioners and theorists in art and science contributing, there is a stimulating diversity of approach and a rich background of knowledge.

Publisher Intellect Books, 2006
Consciousness Reframed Series
ISBN 184150128X, 9781841501284
333 pages

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