Artikişler Kolektif (eds.): İstanbul’un Artığı / Surplus of Istanbul (2014) [Turkish/English]

5 November 2015, dusan

Surplus of İstanbul is a project book edited by Artıkişler Collective. The book is primarily about a video methodology process based research ongoing with waste collectors in Istanbul. At the same time the book includes makes connections with past researches (2001) and engagements with waste collectors from Hakkari and Ankara. The book consists of experiences and observations by members of Artıkişler Collective on the main themes of waste, garbage, urbanism, labor and video activism. Moreover, the book as well includes texts by diverse writers who discuss and relate the theme in context of ethnic conflict, video image, identity of the researcher, urban surplus and urban transformation.”

Contributions by İrfan Aktan, Ali Saltan, Oktay Ince, Ezgi Koman, Ulus Baker, David Harvey, Yaşar Çabuklu, Sibel Yardımcı, Pelin Tan, Artıkişler Kolektifi.

Edited by Özge Çelikaslan, Alper Şen and Pelin Tan
Publisher Artikişler Collective, November 2014
ISBN 9786056527807
140 pages

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Art Journal 45 (3): Video: The Reflexive Medium (1985)

13 May 2015, dusan

Electra Myths: Video, Modernism, Postmodernism by Katherine Dieckmann
Why Don’t They Tell Stories Like They Used To? by Ann-Sargent Wooster
The Passion for Perceiving: Expanded Forms of Film and Video Art by John G. Hanhardt
From Gadget Video to Agit Video by Benjamin H.D. Buchloh
Subject to Change: Guerrilla Television Revisited by Deirdre Boyle
Tracking Video Art: “Image Processing” as a Genre by Lucinda Furlong
Pressure Points: Video in the Public Sphere by Martha Gever
The New Sleep: Stasis and the Image-Bound Environment by Tricia Collins and Richard Milazzo
Video: A Selected Chronology, 1963-1983 by Barbara London

Guest editor: Sara Hornbacher
Publisher College Art Association of America, Fall 1985
ISSN 0004-3249
93 pages


PDF (11 MB)
More on video art.

Alice Růžičková: Český dokumentární film v 80. letech: “Originální Videojournal” (2000) [Czech]

15 August 2013, dusan

The diploma work of Alice Růžičková entitled The Czech Documentary Film in the 1980s: “Original Videojournal” analyses the origin and history of the Czech underground audiovisual periodical, produced between 1987 and 1989 by a group of Czech dissidents including Olga Havlová, Michal Hýbek, Pavel Kačírek, Jan Kašpar, Andrej Krob, Jan Ruml, Joska Skalník, Andrej Stankovič, and many others.

In the late 1987, an idea was born to not only send the video shots documenting the Czechoslovak dissident activities abroad, but also to produce a programme for the domestic audience. With the financial aid from the Czech exile centers abroad (Foundation of Charter 77, ČSDS – Czechoslovak Documentary Centre), the “Original Videojournal” editorial group acquired a video tape recorder Sony Video-8. This led to the production of video news from the dissident and alternative culture, covering political and ecological issues from the “unofficial” perspective.

The thesis first locates the origin of the journal among diverse groups in Prague, Brno and other places. Further, it contains an analysis of seven regular and two thematic programmes produced before November 1989, followed by nine special volumes made during and shortly after the 1989 revolution.

Attachments include a correspondence between Václav Havel and František Janouch, reflections about the Journal in printed underground zines, related historical texts, bibliography from the Libri Prohibiti database, script of the documentary film Zblízka Originální videojournal (dir. Alice Růžičková, 1998), and photographic documentation.

Master thesis
FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts), Prague
Supervisor: Marie Šandová
78 pages

Czech TV programme series about Original Videojournal, 20 episodes, 26 min. each, 2011–2012
Original Videojournal at Monoskop wiki