transversal, 06/14: Insurrection of the Published (2014) [DE, EN, ES]

29 April 2015, dusan

“The publishing industry is in a fundamental crisis. In its final hours it is beginning to lash out, but only hits itself. As much as academic apparatuses and cultural industries wrestle with conformity, the traditional forms of knowledge production remain just as incompatible with the new media conditions as with future emancipatory concatenations of writing, translating and publicly negotiating publications. “The Insurrection of the Published” emerges in these concatenations beyond the domestication of styles, forms and formats, beyond valorization and self-valorization, beyond the hegemonic mechanisms of exclusion like peer reviews, impact factors, ranking, and rigid copyright regimes.”

With contributions by EIPCP, Isabell Lorey, Otto Penz, Gerald Raunig, Birgit Sauer, Ruth Sonderegger, Stevphen Shukaitis, Traficantes de Sueños, Felix Stalder, and an Anonymous Iranian Collective.

Aufstand der Verlegten / Insurrection of the Published / Insurrección de los editados
Publisher EIPCP, Vienna, 2014
ISSN 1811-1696


David M. Berry, Giles Moss (eds.): Libre Culture: Meditations on Free Culture, 2nd ed. (2008)

15 April 2012, dusan

Libre Culture is the essential expression of the free culture/copyleft movement. This anthology, brought together here for the first time, represents the early groundwork of Libre Society thought. Referring to the development of creativity and ideas, capital works to hoard and privatize the knowledge and meaning of what is created. Expression becomes monopolized, secured within an artificial market-scarcity enclave and finally presented as a novelty on the culture industry in order to benefit cloistered profit motives. In the way that physical resources such as forests or public services are free, Libre Culture argues for the freeing up of human ideas and expression from copyright bulwarks in all forms.”

Publisher Pygmalion Books, Winnipeg, 2008
Res Divini Juris Libre Commons Licence
172 pages

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Platform: Journal of Media and Communication. A Creative Commons Special Edition (2010)

20 May 2011, dusan

PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication is a biannual open-access online graduate publication. Founded and published by the Media and Communications Program, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne (Australia), PLATFORM was launched in November 2008.

PLATFORM is refereed by an international board of established and emerging scholars working across diverse paradigms in Media and Communication, and edited by graduate students at the University of Melbourne. It is planned to develop it as an international journal.

A Creative Commons Special Issue: Yes, We’re Open! Why Open Source, Open Content and Open Access
Edited by graduate students at the University of Melbourne.
Guest edited by Elliott Bledsoe and Jessica Coates
Published by the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, Dec 2010
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence.
ISSN: 1836-5132 online
120 pages

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