Katalin Cseh-Varga, Adam Czirak (eds.): Performance Art in the Second Public Sphere: Event-based Art in Late Socialist Europe (2018)

22 April 2018, dusan

“This is the first interdisciplinary analysis of performance art in East, Central and Southeast Europe under socialist rule. By investigating the specifics of event-based art forms in these regions, each chapter explores the particular, critical roles that this work assumed under censorial circumstances.

The artistic networks of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, East Germany and Czechoslovakia are discussed with a particular focus on the discourses that shaped artistic practice at the time, drawing on the methods of Performance Studies and Media Studies as well as more familiar reference points from art history and area studies.”

Publisher Routledge, New York & London, 2018
ISBN 9781138723276, 1138723274
xii+263 pages

Interview with editors (ARTMargins, 2014)



J.H. Kocman: Autorské knihy a papíry / Artists’ Books and Papers (1997) [Czech/English]

20 September 2017, dusan

Together with Jiří Valoch and Dalibor Chatrný, J.H. Kocman (1947) counts among the leading protagonists of Czech conceptual art whose life and work are closely linked with Brno. He is best known for his artists’ publishing and mail art.

Catalogue for an exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum. Text by Jiří Valoch.

Edited by Zuzana Fořtová
Publisher Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, 1997
ISBN 809021942X
47 pages
via JHKocman.cz

PDF, PDF (29 MB)

Sarah E.K. Smith: General Idea: Life & Work (2016) [English, French]

7 July 2017, dusan

“Provocateurs General Idea (active 1969–1994) invented their history and made it reality: ‘We wanted to be famous, glamourous and rich. That is to say we wanted to be artists and we knew that if we were famous and glamourous we could say we were artists and we would be. … We did and we are. We are famous, glamourous artists.’ The group—comprised of AA Bronson, Felix Partz, and Jorge Zontal—met in Toronto in the late 1960s and went on to live and work together for twenty-five years. General Idea ceased activities in 1994, with the untimely deaths of Partz and Zontal from AIDS-related causes.”

Publisher Art Canada Institute, 2016
Open access
ISBN 9781487100926
138 pages


English: PDF, PDF (28 MB), HTML (includes videos)
French: PDF, PDF (28 MB), HTML (includes videos)