Aisteach: The Avant-Garde Archive of Ireland (2015–)

2 February 2015, dusan

A repository and archive for historical documents, recordings, materials and ephemera relating to avant-garde artistic projects in Ireland since the 19th century.

Edited by Jennifer Walshe


Sean Cubitt: Timeshift: On Video Culture (1991)

1 May 2009, dusan

“The book argues that video, rather than film or television, has the potential to become a uniquely democratic medium. Through electronic recording: video rental, off-air recordings, music videos, community, campaign or artists’ videos, viewers have found a new set of cultural relations, uses and practices. Testing current semiotic, post-modernist and psychoanalytic approaches in the laboratory of real life viewing, the book presents a perceptive analysis of present day video culture.”

Key terms: video art, postmodern, timeshifting, psychoanalysis, Wapping dispute, solipsism, metaphysics of presence, Bill Viola, Nam June Paik, metonymy, atomised, television, pop video, portapaks, Electronic Arts, Chott El-Djerid, David Byrne, Lacan, diegesis, pop music

Publisher Routledge, 1991
ISBN 0415016789, 9780415016780
206 pages


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