CAT 2010: Ideas Before Their Time: Connecting the Past and Present in Computer Art (2010)

21 February 2012, dusan

The symposium ‘Ideas Before Their Time: Connecting the Past and Present in Computer Art’ examines the ideas and technologies of computer-based art. Many intriguing concepts have emerged in computer art over the past 50 years. Some have been brought to light in the archives examined by the Computer Art and Technocultures Project at Birkbeck and the Victoria & Albert Museum. With the current exhibitions of computer art, ‘Decode’ and ‘Digital Pioneers’ ongoing at the V&A, this is a timely look at the area. Speakers from all areas of computer art, including practitioners, curators and historians, discuss the past, present and future of this area.

With contributions by Brian Reffin-Smith, Douglas Dodds, Stroud Cornock, Ernest Edmonds and Francesca Franco, Darko Fritz, George Mallen, Frieder Nake, Richard Wright, Helen Plumb, Nick Lambert, Bonnie Mitchell, Michael O’Rourke, Robin Baker, Paul Coldwell, Jeremy Gardiner, Isaac Kerlow, Jane Prophet, Maria Chatzichristodoulou, David Garcia, Sue Gollifer, Bruce Wands.

Edited by Nick Lambert, Jeremy Gardiner, Francesca Franco
Publisher BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT, February 2010
ISBN 978-1-906124-64-9
192 pages


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Simon Cooper: Technoculture and Critical Theory: In the Service of the Machine? (2002)

2 August 2009, dusan

The author explores the work of major thinkers and cultural movements that have grappled with the complex relationship between technology, politics and culture. Subjects such as the Internet, cloning, warfare, fascism and Virtual Reality are placed within a broad theoretical context which explores how humanity might, through technology, establish a more ethical relationship with the world.

Examining the philosophy of writers such as Heidegger, Benjamin, Lyotard, Virilio, and Zizek, and cultural movements such as Italian Futurism, this book marks a timely intervention in critical theory debates. The broad scope of the book will be of vital interest to those in the fields of philosophy, critical theory, cultural studies, politics and communications.

Publisher Routledge, 2002
ISBN 0415261600, 9780415261609
182 pages

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John Armitage (ed.): Virilio Live: Selected Interviews (2001)

27 February 2009, pht

“Edited by one of the leading Virilio authority’s, this book offers the reader a guide through Virilio’s work. Using the interview form, Virilio speaks incisively and at length about a vast assortment of cultural and theoretical topics, including architecture and `speed-space’, `chronopolitics’, art and technoculture, modernism, postmodernism and `hypermodernism’, the time of the trajectory and the `information bomb’. His thoughts on Foucault, Baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari, the performance artist Stelarc, the Persian War and the Kosovo War, are also gathered together.”

Published by SAGE, 2001
ISBN 0761968601, 9780761968603
218 pages


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